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Elastop rubber belt in rubber with hooks for fixing.

Length 5 meters (10 meters tight)

Ideal for fixing equipment and material in the van

Spedito in 10 working days

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The Elastop elastic belt consists of a 5-meter rubber strap with 10 hooks for fixing. The Elastop belt extends up to twice its original length with excellent wear resistance.
It can be used to anchor the material or the toolboxes in the back of the van, or to fix objects skillfully in the space above the wheel arches.
Elastop belt is the ideal system for various dealers, plumbers, electricians, boiler technicians, carpenters and others with the aim of stabilizing the various loads inside their commercial vehicles.
The kit has been designed to be practical: supplied in a complete box containing everything needed to safely secure and transport the equipment.

Ulteriori informazioni

Technical description Elastop rubber belt

• Material: rubber
• Length: 5 meters (10 meters tight)
• Color: black
• Elastic strap with 10 hooks for fixing
• Width : 7 millimeters
Sent in 10 working days