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KIT NEXUS 104/120 + SNARE CHAIN 10/1000

Kit new high security anti-theft dual lock. Approved in Class SRA with snare chain with 10 mm x 1 m long mesh.

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Kit anti-thief with high security double lock with snare chain with 10 mm x 1 m long mesh. Bottom in hardened steel, galvanized and plastic injected shelf. Loop in hardened and chrome molybdenum tempered steel with epoxy coating and PVC jacket. Tubular lock with multiple combination, burglar, delivered with 2 keys. Rotation block cashed. Ergonomic handle design for easy grip.

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Technical description RSA Approval Internal dimension (L / W): 120/88 mm - A 88 mm. - B 120 mm. Total weight: 4,7 kgs.
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