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UFO+ Single

Meroni UFO+ Single KD, inox with 2 reversible keys
ART: 04030200003

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Meroni UFO+ fix lock is an additional safety device for light commercial vehicles. It is an evolution of the UFO lock of which it complements and enhances the characteristics. It is designed for those who must open and close the load compartment of the vehicle dozens of times a day and for those who want to always travel safely. UFO + is fixed on the vehicle and self-locks when the tailgate is closed. Thanks to its innovative design, to the defender anti-drill steel, to the flat dimple key and body in high-strength martensistic stainless steel AISI 304, the load compartment of the vehicle becomes unassailable. It is available in single and pair or “three of a kind” version with a unique dimple key opening.

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Technical description Lock with security cylinder protected by anti-drill Defender made of stainless steel; flat 15-pin safety key, multi-combination and reversible; body in heavy-duty stainless steel.

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