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UFO Double

Meroni UFO 2 pc's kit KA, with 3 keys
ART: 04030200001

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Quick and easy to assemble, UFO has immediately represented the idea that was missing and by now is adopted by all those who work with their own vans and need to effectively protect their goods and their vehicles: the small owner-operators, the large fleets, the artisans. UFO is the excellent solution: designed to be perfectly integrated with the car body, it has a stylish design and minimally protrudes from the vehicle shape. Its body contains steel spheres that make it anti-drill and resistant to break-in attempts and also resistant to the atmospheric elements. The cylinder is anti-drill and anti-picking and has the coveted CNPP and TÜV certifications. It is available in single and pair or three of a kind version with a unique key opening

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Technical description Lock with security cylinder protected by anti-drill steel defender; security flat, multicombinations and reversible 15-pin key; stainless steel ultra-strong shell. Key with 250000 combinations.

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